Activities of the BSC

The Biological Survey of Canada facilitates research and dissemination of knowledge of Canada’s biodiversity. This mandate is fulfilled by:

  • facilitating and coordinating project-based research
  • coordinating production of publications that characterize the Canadian biota.

Information on specific projects and publications can be found throughout this web site. Topics that help to interpret the nature or development of the Canadian fauna are of special interest to the BSC. Such topics focus on particularly significant regions, or kinds of animals, or subjects. For example, the Arctic is among the most fragile ecosystems on Earth; it is also under immense environmental pressure as the effects of global warming are felt most acutely at northern latitudes. With their diversity and potential for rapid population growth, arthropods can serve as barometers of environmental change. Forests, springs and other habitats are characteristic and informative.

The BSC also acts as a clearing-house or coordinating office, through current knowledge of relevant people and their individual projects, and other information. A newsletter is produced twice per year.

Page updated on Apr 29, 2015