The BSC produces many publications and other outputs (documented in detail on the Publication Summary page). Since 1981 (when its early contract-supported stages ended), in the scientific arena the BSC produced 13 major books (averaging 312 pp. each, and many containing multiple refereed chapters) and 64 additional papers as well as 16 briefs. Moreover, it contributed to or stimulated many other papers not so directly produced by the Survey. The quality of these publications is high as confirmed by reviews and other commentaries.

In a more general context, the BSC has published 85 newsletters to date (averaging 77 pp. per year), convened 17 symposia or workshops, and prepared numerous reports and letters to officials. The extensive web site currently contains about 1½ million words, including scientific and other documents.

The number of major publications fluctuates from year to year because BSC projects characteristically produce large publications at infrequent intervals in addition to the ongoing production of smaller documents.

Page updated on Apr 29, 2015