General strengths of the BSC

Wide outreach. The BSC is national in scope, and involves many people. Whereas individual scientists or organizations may have a limited geographic, taxonomic or programmatic terms of reference, BSC projects attain a scope that would not have developed or been possible otherwise. Major scientific projects and reviews are a uniting force and bring attention to the BSC.

Experience and history. Members of the BSC have a long history of undertaking collaborative field expeditions to study Canada’s biodiversity, and of documenting biological diversity.

Focus on key scientific themes. Scientific expertise in the areas of systematics and ecology in Canada is small and scattered. The BSC helps to focus that expertise. The BSC uses a bottom-up approach to ensure that specific outputs are useful scientifically. The focus is on science and how to ensure quality knowledge of the fauna. National scientific priorities are set by a careful choice of projects, not just what comes to hand.

Focus on products that are of use to others, especially integrative works which are especially valuable. BSC publications are used by a wide audience such as managers or biologists charged with local biodiversity assessments, students, scientists, etc. Many past products and most future ones are freely available online.

Page updated on May 19, 2020