The BSC has had an influence on the direction and quality of Canadian entomology by identifying knowledge gaps and collaborating widely to attain a scope that would not be possible otherwise.

For example, a number of long-term scientific projects have focused efforts on key topics or geographical regions. These have begun where existing interest or resources made them feasible, or where interest was generated by Survey initiatives. Results from several projects have already been published. Moreover, numerous graduate students have been steered towards BSC projects and carry on these interests later.

The types of publications produced have changed over the 40+ year history of the Survey. In the early days, a number of Scientific Briefs addressed topics such as insect collections, standards for label data, environmental impact, long-term monitoring, climatic change, arctic studies, spring faunas, ectoparasites of vertebrates, procedures for biodiversity studies and other topics have been produced. Monographs continue to represent synthetic work on biodiversity, ecology, or taxonomic topics, and the Canadian Journal of Arthropod Identification provides regional and national keys to various arthropod groups. The Newsletters provide news and updates on the BSC or various projects.

Page updated on May 19, 2020