History of the BSC

The history of the Biological Survey of Canada hasbeen explored in Hugh Danks' 2016 book, "The Biological Survey of Canada: A personal history".

The Biological Survey was started in 1977 as a Pilot Study (through an unsolicited proposal to the Department of Supply and Services) by the Entomological Society of Canada (ESC). After a series of contracts - including one primarily for production of a book about the insects of the arctic - the Survey was established in 1980 at the Canadian Museum of Nature (at that time called the National Museum of Natural Sciences) under a continuing partnership with the ESC. In 2009 the BSC became a not-for-profit corporation in anticipation of reduced financial support from the Canadian Museum of Nature. The BSC’s ties with the ESC remain very important as the BSC’s current and future work will have a strong entomological component.

Page updated on May 19, 2020