Information for Students

Many sections of the BSC web site include information that is useful for students. For example, an overview of Canada’s insect fauna is available and the Survey’s Publications include substantial amounts of both general and scientific information about the fauna.

Of particular interest too are the BSC scholarship, providing a grant of $1000 as well as scientific recognition in support of students of arthropod biodiversity, and information on Sources of funding for work by graduate students on arthropod biodiversity.

See also the Student Awards section on the Entomological Society of Canada web site for information on other ESC scholarships and awards and for a Directory of Entomological Education in Canada.

Information on Biodiversity funding: Funding sources for graduate students in arthropod biodiversity

This document provides information on some of the available funding sources for graduate study and research in biodiversity, with special reference to terrestrial arthropods. Advice on preparing applications is also given.

Biological Survey of Canada Postgraduate Scholarship

The Biological Survey has initiated a postgraduate award to encourage interest in the study of faunistics in Canadian habitats by providing further support to students working on the biodiversity of insects or other terrestrial arthropods in Canada.

The $1000 award will be administered by the Entomological Society of Canada (ESC), and will be awarded every second year, alternating with the Keith Kevan award, and therefore given in 2010, 2012, etc.

More information can be found under Invitation for Applications (see below). 


The Survey has arranged for start-up funding for the award but more donations will help ensure the long-term stability and growth of the fund. To make a donation please send a cheque to:
The Entomological Society of Canada
393 Winston Avenue
Ottawa, ON K2A 1Y8

Indicate in a covering letter that the funds are for the Biological Survey of Canada Scholarship fund. Tax receipts will be issued. For further information email

Invitation for Applications

Eligibility: Applicants must be post-graduate students at the time of application, be studying at a Canadian university, and be carrying out a project on insect (or terrestrial arthropod) faunistics in a Canadian habitat.

Method of Application: Applicants must submit a properly completed form, with supporting documents. Application forms are available from or from the Chair of the ESC Student Awards Committee.

The deadline for submitting applications for the 2014 award is 16 February 2014. Please check this web site or the ESC Student Affairs page for updates.

Process of Selection and Award Presentation: Applications will be reviewed by a committee of the Society. An announcement of the winner will be made at the annual meeting of the Society and the winner will receive a certificate. Payment of the award will be made in October.


Earnings from Other Sources: Award holders are permitted, under normal circumstances, to demonstrate, instruct or assist in non-degree related research for a maximum of 200 hours per annum, provided that the Head of their Department considers this is desirable and that it does not hinder the progress of their studies. Apart from these assistantships, award holders will devote their full time to study and research and will not undertake any paid work during the school term. They may hold other awards and scholarships.

Transfers: Awards are made on the condition that the winners engage in a program of graduate studies and research for an advanced degree in entomology in Canada. Students who, after receiving the award, wish to change their graduate program or transfer to a foreign university may be asked to decline the award. Any change in the course of study, department or university in which an award winner is registered requires prior approval of the Student Awards Committee of the ESC. A request for permissions to transfer must be supported by statements from Heads of Departments.

Additional Allowances: The award stipends are all-inclusive. There is no provision for additional grants by the Society for any purpose. Additional grants, for example, to attend meetings, pay course fees, meet publications costs, etc., will not, under any circumstances, be authorized.

All communications regarding the ESC awards, including requests for applications, should be addressed to:

Judith Myers, 
Chair, ESC Student Awards Committee 
Department of Zoology 
University of British Columbia 
6270 University Blvd.
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Page updated on Aug 25, 2014