Information for Students

Many sections of the BSC web site include information that is useful for students. For example, an overview of Canada’s insect fauna is available and the Survey’s Publications include substantial amounts of both general and scientific information about the fauna.

Biological Survey of Canada Postgraduate Scholarship

he Biological Survey and its original founding director, Hugh Danks, initiated a series of postgraduate awards through the Entomological Society of Canada. These are intended to encourage interest in the study of faunistics in Canadian habitats by providing further support to students working on the biodiversity of insects or other terrestrial arthropods in Canada. The BSC Scholarship is $2000 and is awarded every second year. The Danks Scholarships are $1500 each, and are awarded annually. Details and procedure for applying can be found here:

The ESC website also has information on other scholarships of interest to students working on insect faunistics.

Page updated on May 19, 2020