Scientific Monograph A series of major works coordinated by the BSC on the Canadian Arthropod Fauna

The Biota of Canada: Terrestrial Arthropods, edited by D.W. Langor and C. Sheffield
  • An update of the seminal publication “Canada and Its Insect Fauna” (Danks 1979) and part of an on-going project, “The Biota of Canada”
  • 32 chapters by Canada’s top biodiversity experts, all open access (see "view pdf" for a list of chapters)
  • available online at:
Special issue of The Canadian Entomologist celebrating 40 years of the BSC, edited by D.J. Giberson and H.A. Cárcamo
  • A series of research and review articles relating to projects of the BSC over the years
A Handbook to the Ticks of Canada (Ixodida: Ixodidae, Argasidae), by Evert E. Lindquist, Terry D. Galloway, Harvey Artsob, L. Robbin Lindsay, Michael Drebot, Heidi Wood, Richard G. Robbins.
The Biological Survey of Canada: A personal history, by H.V. Danks
  • A history of the Biological Survey of Canada as told by its first Director
Arthropods of Canadian Grasslands (4-volume set)
Volume 1: Ecology and Interactions in Grassland Habitats, edited by J.D. Shorthouse and K.D. Floate
Volume 2: Inhabitants of a Changing Landscape, edited by K.D. Floate.
Volume 3: Biodiversity and Systematics, Part 1, edited by H.A. Cárcamo and D.J. Giberson
Erratum: Volume 3, Chapter 2, B.A. Snyder. Myriapoda and Terrestrial Isopoda of the Prairies in Canada: Please note that in the hard copy version of the book the doi number for the on-line checklist should be:
Volume 4: Biodiversity and Systematics, Part 2, edited by D.J. Giberson and H.A. Cárcamo
Ecological impacts of non-native invertebrates and fungi on terrestrial ecosystems
Ecological impacts of non-native invertebrates and fungi on terrestrial ecosystemsedited by Jon Sweeney and David Langor.  Biological Invasions 11(1): 1-157