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Winter 2023/24 Student Collection Competition

Hosted by the Biological Survey of Canada

The Biological Survey of Canada is hosting a student collection competition! Did you collect invertebrates, plants, fungi, or other biological material for course credit? Take some photos, enter your work, and tell us your plans to turn your project into data to win up to $150 and be featured in the Summer Newsletter! Submissions will open Dec. 1 2023; submission details can be found on the BSC website. 

Get more out of your collection than a letter grade, while contributing valuable biodiversity data to ongoing scientific efforts to discover, record, and describe biota of Canada!

Submissions will open on Dec 1, 2023, and will close Jan 31, 2024

Deliberation and judging will take place from Feb. 1 – Feb. 7

Each category will be assessed independently and prizes will be given to the top three in each.

  • 1st place in each category will be awarded $150 CAD, and 2 Biological Survey of Canada t-shirts
  • 2nd place in each category will be awarded $50 and a Biological Survey of Canada t-shirt 
  • 3rd place in each category will be awarded $25 and a Biological Survey of Canada t-shirt

Winners will have their collection featured in the Biological Survey’s Summer newsletter, and all participants will be featured on the Biological Survey of Canada website for the next year. 

Submission guidelines here

Entry form here

Nomination form here

Questions, concerns, or comments?
Email the BSC Student Rep: Shawn Abraham (


Seeking Volunteers for the Biological Survey of Canada Strategic Directions Subcommittee

We have established a Sub-committee on Strategic Directions for the BSC, and are currently soliciting ideas and volunteers from our membership to help steer the BSC into its next age. We are looking toward the future and seeking new projects to undertake that complement our ongoing faunistic surveys and BioBlitzes. If you would like to volunteer for this new sub-committee, or have ideas on how the Biological Survey of Canada can maximize its potential as an organization through future projects and initiatives, please contact committee chair Morgan Jackson (


We have T-Shirts! These are a bright yellow with the BSC logo (with a limited number of pale blue ones in size small as well), and can be seen in the Winter 2022 issue of the Newsletter. Shirts are $20 each, plus shipping. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, please contact Donna Giberson, Secretary, at

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